About B G Financial Corp.

Oshawa Mortgage/ Life Insurance Broker

As professional financial advisors in Oshawa, we continually strive to see every client realize all of their financial dreams. Whether your goal is to save for a new home or your retirement, protecting loved ones from financial loses or managing your portfolio wisely, we have the experience and resources to meet your needs.

Oshawa Mortgage Services: Mortgage Renewal, Fixed & Variable Mortgages, Debt Consolidation, Mortgage Refinance, First Time Home Buyer Mortgage, Mortgage Pre-Approval/ Approval, etc.

Oshawa Life Insurance Services: Mortgage Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Travel Insurance, etc.

Group Benefits: Health & Dental Plans, Group Plan Marketing, Employee Group RRSP, Employee DPSP, Employee Critical Illness Plans, Pooled Benefits, etc.

Brandon Gurley

Life Insurance Broker Toronto

BG Financial corp. was developed to create a stronger relationship between Investors and their Financial Advisor within Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. The typical Investor deals with several different professionals for their Insurance, Mortgages and Investments. The world is becoming more complex and it is essential to deal with as few people as possible when dealing with your financial affairs.

We have developed a platform where an Investor can deal with one professional for their Insurance, Mortgages and Investments. This approach creates a more efficient relationship between the Investor and the Financial Advisor; saving time and generating more wealth. This can be viewed as a similar relationship as your Family Doctor. When you have a financial problem you contact your Financial Professional.

Our Advisors will shop around on the client’s behalf for competitive insurance and mortgage rates from Canadian Companies when their terms/contracts are up for renewal. Investing is also a daunting task when it comes to creating a portfolio which best fits the client. We have relationships with Banks and Financial Institutions where we have access to over 1500 Mutual Funds and investment solutions for your portfolios. Your Financial Advisor will narrow down this search for you and give recommendations.