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At B G Financial we are able to shop around for the best mortgage rates and options that meet your goals. Oshawa is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and with these changes more individuals are looking for a Mortgage Broker to help. In addition to helping with your Mortgage in Oshawa or any other areas; we also work with our clients on their Financial Plans, Life Insurance Needs and Investments.

When looking for a Mortgage Broker you need to take in consideration the follow:

  • The amount of mortgage companies they deal with.
  • Is the Mortgage Broker going to charge Brokerage Fees. These are additional cost taken on by the client to set up the mortgage.
  • Where are they located? Is the Broker or Mortgage Agents office near where you live. Many Brokers market to areas where they do not live or where their business is.
  • Does the Mortgage Broker/ Mortgage Agent have the experience to help you with your deal?
  • Is the Mortgage Agent or Brokerage easy to communicate once the Mortgage is in place.
  • Can the Mortgage Agent also help you with other areas of your financial plan: Life Insurance, Financial Planning, Investment Advice, Retirement Planning, ETC.

If you decide to work with B G Financial for your mortgage needs keep in mind that we have many years of experience and will never charge a Brokerage Fee for setting up a mortgage for a client (We do not believe in it). We have over 100 different lenders to work with to meet your mortgage needs. We are located at 71 Albert Street in Oshawa and have lots of parking options. Clients are not just a number to us and we want to make sure we can help each client with all of their financial needs from Investments, Life Insurance, Group Benefits and retirement plans.

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Oshawa Mortgage Services:
Mortgage Renewal | Home Purchases | Fixed & Variable Mortgages | Debt Consolidation | Mortgage Refinance | First Time Home Buyer Mortgage | Mortgage Pre-Approval/ Approval

Oshawa Life Insurance Services: Mortgage Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Travel Insurance, etc.

Group Benefits: Health & Dental Plans, Group Plan Marketing, Employee Group RRSP, Employee DPSP, Employee Critical Illness Plans, Pooled Benefits, etc.

Our Mortgage serve clients across the following areas:

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